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Verizon Wireless Communications

(Mohamed Fahim, 2002)

For the past several months, Verizon Communication has been conducting an analysis of whether to keep their internal E-mail system or replace it with another. They can either keep using their current system or chose one of two new system options. Verizon is highly considering all three systems. Using Verizon's collected data for each product, I did an experimental analysis to help Verizon choose the best system for their needs and hence make the best decision. After looking through given data, I decided to divide the analysis approach into two parts, qualitative and quantitative studies. The first part, the qualitative study, has two components. First, I applied the Analytic Hierarchy Model to analyze and compare the three proposed systems. I realized that comparing the three products in a mathematical form would enable Verizon to obtain a much clearer picture of each system's potential both in the present and future. I categorized my results based on the four judgmental categories that Verizon had determined. I was then able to demonstrate the best system in each category.

Richard S. Barr
Fri Feb 17 16:09:51 CST 2006