CSE 8351 Computer Arithmetic - Grading Policy
CSE 8351 Grading Policy
Grading Policy Project Proposal 20%
  Examination 1 25%
  Examination 2 25%
  Final Report on Project 30%
NOTE: Grades on all tests and assignments will range from 0-100. However, the final class grade will be scaled to fit the above grading policy (1 project point IS NOT EQUAL TO 1 examination point)

Late Assignments:
  Unless a documented and legitimate reason is provided, all assignments turned in late will automatically have 20% of the total possible points deducted for EACH class period that has elapsed since the due date.  As an example, an assignment that was due on Monday but turned in on Wednesday will be graded as normal and then 20 additional points will be deducted for being late.  All assignments are due at the BEGINNING of the class period, I do not want to see students working on homework during the class period. 

Makeup Examinations:

There will be no makeup examinations, a missed examination will result in 0% unless a valid and documented excuse is presented.  If possible, students should provide such documentation before the examination date.  In any event, notification must be provided within 2 class periods following the missed examination.  In the case of a legitimate excuse for missing an examination, an alternative for making up this portion of total grade will be provided to the student.

Student Expectations:

          Please do not:
            1. Use any kind of computing device (notebooks, tablets, cell phones) to read, watch video, or listen
                to audio or consume any other material during the class while teaching and learning are
                occurring UNLESS you are accessing class materials, taking notes, or engaged in other
                class-related activities. I will ask you to put your device away for the REMAINDER OF
                THE SEMESTER if you persis in this abuse.  This is rude to your classmates and to the instructor.
            2. Do homework or other class assignments DURING THE CLASS while teaching and learning is
            3. Engage in web surfing or instant messaging during the class while teaching and learning are
            4. Bring people to class who are not officially enrolled.  Any exception to this rule must
                be OKed by the instructor at least 24 hours prior to the next class period.
            5. Carry on conversations either verbally, electronically, or via passing notes during the class.
                This is distracting to other students and the instructor.
            6. Request that the final exam be administered to you at a time other than the officially scheduled
                time.  Only in very rare circumstances will I allow a student to take the final exam at a alternative
            7. Eat a meal during class.
            8. Ask to take tests with distance students if you are an in-class student.
            9. All distance students are welcomed and encouraged to come to campus to take examinations
                with the in-class students at classtime.
          10. All distance students schedules will be checked to ensure they have a true need to be enrolled in
                a distance section. On-campus students are NOT ALLOWED to enroll in distance classes
                unless a legitimate reason is present. Any on-campus student found enrolled in a distance class
                will have to provide verifiable proof as to why they are enrolled as a distance students.
           11. Legitimately enrolled distance students are responsible for ensuring they have properly arranged
                for an examination proctor well ahead of the day for the scheduled examination. This is the
                responsibility of the student, not the instructor. Information about the proctor must be supplied
                to the instructor well in advance of the scheduled day for examinations.