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Better than Magic Numbers!

Welcome to the RIOT baseball pages! We provide detailed standings for Major League Baseball with new, informative statistics that allow fans to track how well their teams are performing.

For those new to the site, here's what we do: RIOT, a project started at the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department of the University of California-Berkeley and recently moved to department of Engineering Management, Information, and Systems of the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, provides users exclusive data for each team. For each team, we calculate and post the number remaining games that the team must win to

  1. guarantee a first-place finish,
  2. guarantee a postseason berth,
  3. avoid elimination from first place, and
  4. avoid elimination from the postseason

These numbers are more informative than magic numbers, since they take into account each team's remaining schedule of games. More details about the numbers and the method of their calculation are available.

Information is updated daily, so be sure to return every day to check out who's on the fast track for the postseason, and who's already done for the year.

This project was initially made possible by Professor Dorit S. Hochbaum's ONR research grant N00014-91-J-1241 and NSF Award DMI-9713482.

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