I direct the activities of the Photonics Architecture Lab at Southern Methodist University. The work in my lab aims to uncover simple solutions to complex imaging problems. My research focuses on the interplay between physical optics and signal processing, and the unique insights it affords. Some of these insights have led to development of novel imagers with unique capabilities that are not afforded by traditional electro-optic design.

Prior to my appointment at SMU, I was a graduate student in the university's PhD program, working under the supervision of Prof. Marc Christensen and Prof. Panos Papamichalis. The focus of my dissertation was the development of multi-function imagers that overcome fundamental constraints imposed by the mechanics of imaging, specifically the loss of spatial-detail due to opitcal blur and the loss of range-information due to the projective nature of imaging.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University, in 2000, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from SMU in 2014.


As a graduate student I had the opportunity to learn from experts who were geographically dispersed and working in areas as diverse as Photonics and Computer Vision. These experiences continue to shape my research and I enjoy collaborating with others. Please feel free to send me an email if my work interests you.