Corrections to Tian SQE Book

There are many mistakes discovered by my students, general readers, and myself. Most of them are minor and won't affect the basic understanding of the topics discussed. However, a few more serious mistakes will obscure or change the intended meanings of the text. I'm individually listing these mistakes below.
  1. Page xxvi, 11th line, the book website was corrected to be:
    (the character "~" was missing before "tian", -- 3/21/07).
  2. Page 22, 3rd line under the section title "Correctness-centered properties and measurements":
    phrase inside (...) corrected to:
    (internal views of producers vs. external views of consumers)
    (Thanks to Laith Hussein, 8/28/05.)
  3. Page 31, Section 3.2, 3rd bullet:
    ... process conformance or standard enforcement can help us [not "use"] prevent the injection of related faults.
    (Thanks to Michele Cleary, 8/20/2008.)
  4. Page 165, 9th line (1st sentense after bullets):
    ... need be calculated and compared to this threshold.
    (Thanks to Michele Cleary, 8/20/2008.)
  5. Pages 258-259:
    Precondition to line 5 of the program in Fig. 15.1 at the bottom of p.258 was corrected, which affected the the part of the proof involved at the bottom of p.258 and top of p.259.
    (See the posted corrections below).
  6. Several corrections by Talvar Gholar, 11/7/05, and many corrections by Michele Cleary in her marked copy of the book I borrowed in May 2008, Thanks!
See the corrected pages online for the above corrections.

Prepared by Jeff Tian (
Initially posted: Aug. 31, 2005. Last update: Aug. 20, 2008.