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IDA Projects

At IDA@SMU we are currently working on the following projects:

  1. Classification Methods for Large Scale Genomic and Metagenomic Data

    • QuasiAlign: Position Sensitive P-Mer Frequency Clustering with Applications to Classification and Differentiation. Fast alignment-free methods to provide alignment-like information for genetic sequences. > read more about QuasiAlign
    • EMMSA: Extensible Markov Model for Sequence Analysis. EMM based techniques to analysis DNA/RNA sequences. > read more about EMMSA
  2. Modeling the Temporal/order Structure of Massive Data Streams

    • TRACDS: Temporal Relationships Among Clusters in Data Streams. Develop techniques to efficiently incorporate temporal ordering into the data stream clustering process and prove its usefulness on large, high-throughput data streams. > read more about TRACDS
    • PIIH: Learning Prediction Intensity Interval model for Hurricanes. We apply TRACDS to improve the prediction of hurricane intensity. > read more about PIIH
    • EMM: Extensible Markov Model: Time-evolving Markov chains. > read more about EMM
  3. Recommender Systems

    • recommenderlab: Top-N Recommendation Algorithms for 0-1 Data. Infrastructure for top-N recommendation algorithms for 0-1 data. > read more about recommenderlab
  4. Visual Analytics

    • arules: Mining and Visualizing Association Rules using R. Infrastructure for analyzing interesting patterns including frequent itemsets, association rules, frequent sequences and for building applications like associative classification. > read more about arules
    • seriation: Reordering in Visualization. Develop new visualization techniques based on reordering elements. > read more about seriation
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