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Rough Draft of GAIN User's Manual



Rough Draft of WAVEGUIDE User's Manual

Mie Theory Calculator


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VCSEL Software


Southern Methodist University
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SMU Photonics Software

The following Software is available without charge to the Photonics Community. We appreciate feedback on the software and the draft versions of the user manuals so we can improve both. Note that the user manuals have yet to be edited for grammar, and also may contain numerous technical errors at this stage.

Downloadable Photonics Software:

Software in Development:

  • GRATING (this program calculates reflection, transmission and outcoupling of gratings on dielectric waveguides, but lacks a user interface suitable for public distribution at this time.)
  • VCSEL related (in collaboration with Bob Baird of Finisar Advanced Optical Components)
  • FIBER (This is a circular version of MODEIG/WAVEGUIDE and can be used online.)




SMU Photonics Software Home

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