Modeig98 On-Line Reference

How to Use this Reference

To the left, is an index of what is contained in this reference. Clicking on the links will select a different section. Some of the sections will contain more data than can be displayed in the space next to the index (i.e. this space), in this case, you will be notified that there is more information continued below. This will be indicated by the following symbol: ... , placed next to the link in the index.

The User Manual links will take you to the posted user manuals for Modeig. The most recent manual, is the Modeig98 manual. The Modeig/II Manual has been included as an additional reference, although, it is outdated (assuming you are using Modeig98).

If you have any questions or comments, you can click on the Contacting the Authors link, toward the bottom of the index, and send email to the author or current manager of this web site or the current manager of the Modeig program.

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  Last Updated: 07-15-98