• I was born and reared in Austin, Texas. My family and I now live in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas.
  • My wife, Shippy, and I like movies, books, eating out, visits from the neighborhood kids, and traveling. I enjoy volleyball, software, R&B, and jazz. We attend Park Cities Baptist Church.
  • However, since the arrival of our son, Johnathan in 1996, we rarely indulge in the above activities and life is great with him in the family. it is nice that he enjoys electronic dance music, Ultimate Frisbee, DJing gigs, and visits from the his friends.. He has been an enthusiastic Southern Methodist University computer science major, and Lyle ambassador at SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering, where he worked in the Deason Innovation Gym. As a college graduate now with a BS and MS in computer science, he works full-time as a senior software engineer in Dallas for ORM Technologies.
  • LinkedIn tells me that I have eight primary groups of friends, scattered hither and yon. I am fortunate to know so many good people.

(photo: 2015)

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