I teach in the School of Engineering, primarily in the operations research, engineering management, and management science programs, at the undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. levels.

Courses taught include:

  • EMIS 4395 Senior Design. Capstone course for undergraduate Management Science majors, in which students apply their modeling skills to real problems for industrial clients.
  • EMIS 8378 Optimization Models for Decision Support. A graduate case-study course in developing, solving, and implementing mathematical programming models to support managerial decision-making. Homework assignments are solved using the GAMS modeling language.
  • EMIS 3362 Production and Operations Engineering.
  • EMIS 1360 Introduction to Management Science.
  • EMIS 7362 Production Systems Engineering. A survey of production and operations systems and their management models, methods, and issues.
  • EMIS 5363 Applied Parallel Programming. A hands-on course in applications programming for parallel machines. Covers both shared- and distributed-memory architectures, and features industrial guest speakers.
  • EMIS 8373 Integer Programming. The study of (mixed) integer programming problems: exact and heuristic algorithms, modeling techniques, and computational considerations.
  • EMIS 8374 Network Flows. Optimization algorithms and modeling techniques for network flow problems (pure, generalized, integer, constrained, and special cases of same).
  • EMIS 8362 Engineering Accounting. A one-semester overview of financial and managerial accounting for engineering managers. One of the most popular electives taught in the department, and extremely useful for students working in industry.
  • ME 5350 Design for Manufacturability and Concurrent Engineering. Course in DFM/CE issues, methods, and practice.

Teaching Recognition

  • The classes offered over the  National Technological University  satellite system have led to my selection as a 10-time Outstanding NTU Instructor (1991-1999, 2001). 
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