Topic Outline

  • Production systems: analysis and design considerations
    • Forecasting process dynamics: causal and time-series methods
  • Systems design and optimization
    • Optimization modeling: Linear and integer programming: model design, solution methods, interpretation, analysis, engineering applications, facility location
    • Modeling systems as networks: distribution systems, network design, integrated system design
    • Systems simulation: Monte Carlo simulation methods, distributions, computer methods
    • Facility location
  • Architecture-specific production systems
    • Batch-oriented systems: aggregate scheduling, designing optimized sequencing and scheduling systems, computer-based facility design and layout
    • Continuous flow systems: line balancing, design of waiting line facilities
    • Project management: CPM, PERT, resource constraints, resource leveling
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  • Design and management of pull- and push-based production and inventory systems:
    • Independent demand inventory models
    • Dependent demand systems, MRP
    • Just-in-time systems design: kanban methods, pull-based production and inventory
  • Process engineering
    • Process design and documentation
    • Performance metrics
    • Quality engineering: total quality assessment, Six Sigma
  • Process improvement methods
    • Statistical quality control
    • Process capability, benchmarking
    • Cycle time reduction, learning curves

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