ISIM, Inventory Sim

Reorder-point inventory simulation with stochastic demand and lead times. For instructions  info_w_64px
and example, see ISIM help

Model Input Form

Given the following inventory characteristics:

Purchase cost, C = $500 per unit
Ordering cost, Co = $20 per order
Carrying cost, Ch = 15% of average inventory value
Backorder cost, Cs = $40 per stockout
Working days, per year, w = 250
Daily demand, d: p(0) = 0.5, p(1) = 0.3, p(2) = 0.2
Lead time, in days, L: p(1) = 0.8, p(2) = 0.2

Model title:

Input management decision variables here:

Order Quantity, Q =

Reorder point, r =

Number of days to simulate =

Number of days to display = (to see daily transactions)

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