LineMan Help

LineMan assigns a set of assembly-line tasks into a balanced set of workstations.

Model Input Requirements

For each task in the assembly line, enter one line with the following data:

  1. Task identifier - 1-8 character name, no embedded blanks
  2. Task  time: integer seconds or minutes required for completion of this task
  3. Other tasks that this must immediately follow: name(s) of those tasks that immediately precede this one, separated by blanks

Limits: program is limited to 99 tasks.


See Barr, POMLib Users Guide


For this precedence network:


The data should be:

a 14
b1 5 a
b2 5 a
c 30 b1 b2
d 3
e 5 d
f 13 e
g 9 e
h 14 e
i 6 f g h
j 7 i
k 3 i
l 4 j k
m 7 l

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