CSE 5/7/8393 Security: Side Channel Attack
Side Channel Attacks

Summer 2013         MW 12:00-2:10  PM       Location: Caruth 179

CSE 5/7/8389 Security: Side Channel Attacks

Mitch Thornton, Caruth Hall, Office 481, 214-768-1371, mitch@lyle.smu.edu

Mon, Wed: 11:00AM-11:50PM or by appointment
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NIST Computer Security Standards (including FIPS 140)

Side channel attacks extract sensitive information from information technology devices through indirect means such as monitoring power flow and electromagnetic radiation. Methods of particular concern are simple and differential power analysis where the adversary monitors the power flow to a system and then extracts crucial information such as an encryption key code. This course will survey these methods allowing students to understand how they are implemented and to then formulate countermeasures to harden such systems.

1. Introduction to Probability and Statistics
2. Digital Systems Design
3. OR consent of instructor

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IEEE Conference Paper Templates (in MS Word and LaTeX format)

Class Schedule
Grading Policy
Presentation/Project Suggestions

 - Introduction to Side Channel Attacks
 - Basics of Digital System Power Dissipation and Models
 - Methods for Side Channel Data Collection
 - Information Theory and Encryption Survey
 - Single Point Statistics
 - Power Trace Statistics and Analysis
 - Simple Power Analysis (SPA) Attacks
 - SPA Countermeasures
 - Differential Power Analysis (DPA) Attacks
 - DPA Countermeasures
 - Selected Topics