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As part of increasing the amount and more importantly the quality of the documentation that will be available with Modeig, we have created a sort of database (really a list) of frequently asked questions. Hopefully, if you get stuck, this might be of some help.

To view the list of FAQs, scrolldown.

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  • I am trying to run MODEIG98 on a PC, and the input file was created on a UNIX based machine. The PC is having problems reading the file, how can this be solved?

    The problem here is that UNIX, DOS and the Macintosh file systems all use different end-of-line characters in their text files. If the file was created on a UNIX based machine, you can use the MS-DOS editor to open the file. Then save the file. The editor will strip off the UNIX eol characters and replace them with DOS eol characters.
  • How do I describe layers complex refractive indices in the Modeig input file?

    A discussion on the use of complex refractive indices with Modeig can be downloaded in MS-Word 6.0 Format from the download page. (at the bottom)