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Transportation Bid Selection Tool

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Client: truckingAlix Partners
Team: Matthew Hale
Faculty advisor: Dr. Barr   Year: 2008
Documents: Final report, final presentation

The main goal of this project was to create a tool that would assist midsize companies in their selection of transportation bids. The tool needed to be easy to use, scalable, reusable, and distributable. In order to accomplish these goals, Microsoft Access was selected as the platform to handle the back-end tasks. By developing a clean front-end for Access, we were able to meet the ease of use requirement while harnessing the power of Access to scale and be reusable. Read more…

Transportation Network for Williams Technologies

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williamstechnology_networkflowdiagramClient: Williams Technologies, Inc.
Team: Erik Wikstrom, Jeff Cate
Faculty advisor:  Dr. Barr  Year: 1996
Documents: Final report (PDF)

Williams Technologies Incorporated (WTI), intends to increase customer satisfaction by decreasing time-to-market of its products, namely re-manufactured transmissions. WTI believes this goal can be accomplished by developing a more efficient shipping system, while minimizing the cost-to-market. This new system may be developed in-house or outsourced. Therefore, WTI needs an in-house solution that can be compared to those submitted by outside sources. Read more…

Model for Airline Ticket Counter Staffing Using Sabre StaffPlan Staff Forecasting and Planning System

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sabre-airlinesolutionsClient: Sabre Holdings: Sabre Airline Solutions
Team: Lauren Duplantis, Hamel Husain, Francisco Villagran
Faculty advisor:  Dr. Siems  Year: 2003
Documents: Final report (PDF)

Our project involved working with Sabre Inc. on a problem that they were having with their system StaffPlan that is maintained by their Airline Solutions Division. StaffPlan is an Airline Solutions system that minimizes the number of check-in agents at an airport based on the time of day, queue, airline, destinations, and passenger arrival curve categories. Read more…