Group Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of Tao Research group is to carry out solid and innovative computational studies to decipher the deepest secrets in life science on earth. The group strives to develop and apply advanced and novel computational and physical theories and methods to solve fundamental and challenging problems in chemistry and life sciences to achieve this goal.

The group is holding the following core values.

  • Constantly striving to push the boundary of the current research methodology and ideology. The group will not bypass any potential opportunity to revolutionize the current paradigm in scientific research and exploration. The group will balance between down-to-the-earth application studies and theoretical (also fundamental and mathematical) development.

  • Pushing the limit of data-driven computational and physical chemistry using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. The group will keep up the cutting edge of machine learning development in computer science and statistics, and try to merge chemistry and data sciences.

  • Forming an open, friendly, supportive, and inspiring research and developing environment to foster the future leaders in both global scientific and industrial communities.

  • The group members will learn to form clear career and personal goals, and have the encourage and bravery to pursue these goals by overcoming any difficulty and temporary failures.