EE 2370 Design and Analysis of Signals and Systems





Course Material

·        Syllabus

·        Homework Problems – all the homework for the entire semester.

·        Solutions to Homework Problems – yes, really.




Dr. Michael Plante on convolutions, etc.






Our intrepid TA is Shulin Ye



Office Hours: TBD






Here is an old exam I prepared for a recent Signals and Systems course at UT Dallas. It should give you some idea about the format I use and the type of questions I ask. Note that we will cover at least part of Chapter 2 before I call for an exam, and that last year the first exam was held mid-October. The format is closed book, no notes, no calculator, but I will hand out these sheets of useful math facts.


The lecture on delta functions can be found at:





Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, and S. Hamid Nawab, "Signals & Systems", Second

Edition, Prentice-Hall Inc., New Jersey, 1997. ISBN 0-13-814757-4

Interestingly, Alan Oppenheim’s lectures on Signals and Systems are on youtube. Here’s a link:









EE 2170 Design and Analysis of Signals and Systems using Matlab


Course Material

·        Syllabus

·        Semester long Matlab Project






 Matlab Resources




·        Philip Nelson’s Student Guide to MATLAB


·        Yuan Hu’s really good introduction to Matlab

·        Dr. Robert Francis on calculating convolutions in Matlab

·        A presentation on doing Fourier analysis in Matlab by Wanjin Huang



·        Plotting

o   rectplot

o   siggraph

o   siggraphscaled

·        Periodic Signals and Power

·        Signal Correlation

·        Signal Convolution

·        Fourier Analysis

o   Fourier Coefficients

o   Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

o   Computing Fourier Transforms 1

o   Computing Fourier Transforms 2

·        Modeling of AM Systems

o   AM

o   AM-DSB 1

o   AM DSB 2

o   AM-QAM

o   AM-SSB



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