Operations Research Toolkit

Welcome to Dick Barr’s Operations Research Toolkit home page, with instructional software developed for his classes at Southern Methodist University’s Lyle School of Engineering in the Department of Operations Research and Engineering Management.

Tools for solving the following OR model types are provided:

  • Linear programming
    • BLP: linear programming optimization models
    • Mr. T: generates a sequence of tableaus for solving a linear program
    • Mr. Pivot: practice pivoting simplex tableaus
    • GLPK: algebraic modeling language for LP and MIP problems
  • Networks and graphs
    • Spath: 1-to-all shortest path problems
    • CPM: critical-path method for project management networks
    • OPTNET: minimum-cost network flow optimization models
    • MST: minimal spanning-tree problems
  • Decision Analysis
    • DTree: decision tree model analyzer
  • Queueing and stochastic processes
    • QCalc: waiting-line/queueing models
  • Forecasting
    • MLR: multiple linear regression forecasting models
    • SMOOTHIE: time-series forecasting models, including moving averages, exponential smoothing (single and double), trend, arithmetic mean, and decomposition
  • Production and operations (from POMlib site)
    • JSeq, job-sequencing models for single-stage and multi-stage processes
    • LineMan: assembly-line balancing
    • ISIM: inventory simulation with uncertain demand and lead times
    • CRAFT: facilities layout using the Computerized Relative Allocation of Facilities Technique
    • SQC: statistical quality control charts for variable and attribute data, including Six Sigma calculations

Pick the model category from the navigation bar to your left. Each tool has an online help page with sample data. Detailed instructions and a user’s guide for interpreting the results are given in the class notes.

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