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Former SMU Photonics Group Students:

Zuhair Alhilali, MSEE, SMU, 2002
Ivan Charamisinau, PhD, SMU, 2004; icharami@engr.smu.edu
Tso-Min Chou,BS/Tamkang Univ. Taipei Taiwan,1988; MSEE/SMU, 1990; PhD, SMU, 1996; tchou@tqtx.com / tsominchou@yahoo.com

David Evans, BSEE, BSCS, SMU, 1997; MSCS, 2000, Columbia University; PhD Candidate, Columbia University

Elisabeth Marley Koontz, BS (SMU) PhD (MIT)
Camille Lowrey, BS (SMU) MSEE (Texas A&M),
Mike Marley, BS, MSEE (SMU)
Danielle (Perry) Kuhns, BSEE, SMU, 1997; MSEE, SMU, 1999; dperry@photodigm.com
Sandra Zivanovic Selmic, BSEE, University of Belgrade, 1994; MS, University of Belgrade, 1997; PhD, SMU, 2002, sselmic@latech.edu
Nai-Hsiang Sun, PhD, SMU, snh@isu.edu.tw
Christine (Travers) Mollenkopf, BSEE, SMU, 1996, MSEE, SMU, 1996; cmollenkopf@comcast.net, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Reddy Urimindi, B.Tech, Nagarjuna University/India, 1988, M.Tech, IIT/India, 1990; PhD, SMU, 1993; MBA, University of Dallas, 1997; VP of Marketing & Product Management, Neptec Optical Solutions, Inc.; reddyu@ieee.org; 972-523-3029
Zhuan Wang (Jasmine), MSEE, SMU, 2002

Former SMU Photonics Group Students

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