Eric C. Larson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering
Southern Methodist University

twitter: @ec_larson

CS Office: 451 Caruth Hall
Lyle School of Engineering
Caruth Hall
3145 Dyer Street, Suite 445
Dallas, TX 75205

SMU UbiComp Lab:
Johnson Square 189

Current CV
You can download a PDF of my CV:
Current Curriculum Vitae.

Job Materials, from 2012
There is plenty of advice for entering the academic job market. Having navigated through this myself, I found it extremely helpful to see the experiences and materials of others. I am posting my materials in the hope that others can benefit in the same way I did.
My research statement (Dec 2012)
My teaching statement (Dec 2012)
My CV while on Job Market (Dec 2012)

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