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atpB subunit a ConciseBLAST ProteinClusters Alignment

atp6 mammals ProteinClusters Alignment

atpF subunit b ProteinClusters Alignment

Consurf Alignments nuoA nuoF nuoJ nuoK nuoL nuoM nuoN

Consurf Jmol: nuoA nuoJ nuoK nuoL nuoM nuoN nuoAJKLMN

T.thermophiluA B C D E F G H I J  K  L  M  N W 15

nuoL ConciseBLAST ProteinClusters Alignment

nuoM Sequence ProteinClusters Alignment

nuoN Sequence ProteinClusters  Alignment

mrpD Sequence ProteinCLusters  Alignment

mrpA Sequence ProteinClusters Alignment

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Translational coupling

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