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Gulf Freeway Evacuation Model

June 5th, 2009 No comments


Team: Ava Damri, Calvin Smellage, Al Zinkand
Faculty advisor: Dr. Barr  Year: 2009
Documents: Final report (Word), final presentation (PPT)

Our team examines the evacuation of six cities in the Gulf Freeway area stretching from Galveston in the south, to League City in the north. Any model created to solve the problem of evacuating a large number of people in a short time would need to account for real world complexities, such as multiple on-ramps, carrying capacities of highways, and the time required to close on-ramps in an emergency situation. Read more…

Post-Game Campus Evacuation Simulation

May 12th, 2009 Comments off

smuparking08Client: SMU Parking Department
Team: Conner Huckaby, Katelyn Pratt, Sarah Rives
Faculty: Prof. Richard Barr      Year: 2007
Documents: final report, final presentation

SMU will finish the construction of the Binkley parking garage in the summer of 2008.  This new facility will open 850 new parking spaces on campus.  However, the Binkley garage opening will cause new traffic troubles on campus because this parking structure is located kiddy-corner to Moody Garage, which has 830 parking spaces.
In the 2008 fall football season, SMU could see full parking facilities due to the combination of student, faculty, and visitor parking.  Currently, SMU expects a car at the top of Moody garage to take 45 minutes to exit campus.  But this 45 minute benchmark was calculated without taking into consideration the new Binkley garage.  If both garages are full, how will traffic exit campus? Furthermore, how fast can both garages empty out? Is there a way to route traffic through campus in order for individual cars to exit campus quickly and with as little blockage and waiting time as possible? Read more…